Jamie Pearl is a photographer based in Seattle, Washington. A graduate of the University of Washington Photomedia and Communication programs, she focuses mostly on portraiture and travel photography. As of late, Jamie has been exploring themes of identity, beauty, and perspective in her photographs. She is excited by any opportunity to create a photograph and present the subject in the most raw, authentic way possible whether that be through a black and white film portrait or a digital flash snapshot. Depending on the context and type of photography, this means honing in an individual's inimitable, unique features, or framing a space in a way that best represents the way it makes visitors feel. Jamie is inspired by her friends and family, the incredible places she has had the privilege of traveling to, and anything bright and colorful. Her dream jobs include working in artist relations in the music industry, content creation for beauty and clothing brands, and/or for a fashion or lifestyle magazine. Most of all, Jamie just wants to keep creating, questioning, and growing as an artist. ​​​​​​​
Photo by Lucia Rosenast
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